The Best Vegan Protein Bars

Hi there, it's Tyler here from The Vegan Life.

I love the convenience of these protein bars, protein powders, and other healthy supplements. But I wanted to make a point that these products don't replace my meals, they just supplement my diet.

I use them out of convenience, not priority, as it's always better to get your nutrients from real natural food.

That begin said, when you consider how convenient these bars are, and how healthy some of these options are, many people should consider keeping a box handy!

The Best Protein Bar Brands


Below is a list of the best 3 vegan protein bars in 2017.

After researching and testing various bars on the market, I found these 3 great options.

Now I'll be honest:

There are many more brands out there. But these 3 particular bars are the best sellers, and have received the best reviews.

These also have excellent nutritional profiles which is an important thing to consider. Yes they taste great, but they're also very healthy considering this type of supplement.

So check out the list, and find links to the best sales prices online.

RankBrandImageFeaturesWhere to Buy
1.Vega Sportvega sport vegan protein barThese bars have some of the best ingredients and are 100% vegan. Amazon
2.Probar Baseprobar base vegan protein barThis bar has one of the best ratios of protein and fibre. Amazon
3.NuGo DarkNuGo Dark Vegan Protein BarThese bars are certified kosher and have received a ton of great reviews online. Amazon

vega sport vegan protein bar1. Vega Sport


Vega Sport is one of the leading supplement companies offering purely plant based protein products.

Their protein powders and bars are two of their best selling products, and make the top pick in this list of recommended vegan protein bars.

These contain no gluten or artificial flavors and are 100% vegan. They are also non GMO verified.

One of the toughest things or any supplement company to do is create a really good tasting protein supplement. These days most powders taste pretty good, but the bars have never tasted as good.

These Vega Sport bars are recommended based on their nutrients, but also based on their taste. With flavours like chocolate coconut, mind and peanut butter, you’re sure to find one that you will enjoy.

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probar base vegan protein bar2. Probar Base


The Prober Base protein bars have received a ton of positive reviews.

These, along with the other choices here are a top pick based on taste and ingredients.

There is 20g of plant protein and 4g of fibre in each bar, which is one of the best ratios of any protein bar on the market.

It’s gluten free, contains chia and flax seeds, and is also non GMO verified. These are all the important things that should be included in a vegan protein bar.

These bars have 8 different flavours to choose from, including Coffee Crunch which is my favourite.

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NuGo Dark Vegan Protein Bar3. NuGo Dark


NuGo Drank rounds out this top 3 list.

It has received the most positive reviews on some of the biggest online retailer websites, and comes with 9 different flavours.

It does not have as much protein, just 10g per bar, however it is certified kosher.

These bars have been around for quite some time now, and they’ve received some great reviews over the years. Many people claim they’re the best tasting gluten free protein bar available.

If you haven’t tried these yet, I would highly recommend you try a box and see, you might agree with the thousands of others who like these bars the best.

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