The Best Vegan Subscription Boxes

Hi there, it's Tyler here from The Vegan Life, and I wanted to share my favourite subscription boxes with you.

Here's the truth:

I've bought so many of these products. Below I present the best choices based on my personal experience.

After I committed to eating healthy every single day, I found that the snacks in these types of boxes were extremely helpful in keeping me on track.

If you're looking for a super convenient way of discovering healthy snacks, and getting them sent to you each month (if you want), then you should definitely consider these options.

The 4 Best Subscription Box Companies


I have put together a chart which highlights the top selling vegan subscriptions boxes in 2017.

I've tried them all, and have detailed reviews listed below. They each offer slightly different options, and the top recommendation is probably the best for most people.

Bottom line, I think you will be impressed with all of these options.

RankBoxImageFeaturesMy ReviewWhere to Buy
1.Vegan CutsVegan Cuts LogoGet free shipping in the US along with some more choices outside of just snacks. Best option if you want beauty/makeup boxes as well. Read ReviewVisit Website
2.UrthBoxUrth Box LogoThis company offers a wide selection when it comes to various box options and choices to get started. Coming SoonVisit Website
3.Healthy SurprisesHealthy Surprise LogoThese boxes are extremely healthy and each box contains snacks with excellent ingredients. Ideal if you're looking for non vegan products as well. Read ReviewVisit Website
4.The Vegan BoxThe Vegan Box LogoIf you live in Australia, get this box. Shipping costs are the one thing which can make these boxes expensive and not worth the cost. Coming SoonVisit Website

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts Subscription Boxes

As the name suggests, the boxes from Vegan Cuts contain vegan only products.

The Snack Box has items such as cookies, teas and salty snacks. You get at least 10 items in each box, and they’re shipped to your door. In the US the shipping is free.

Each month you will be sent a new box. You can pay per month, or you can save by buying 6 month subscriptions, or even 1 year subscriptions.

The Beauty Box is a great way to sample some great beauty products which are all cruelty-free.

Each month you get around 4 to 7 products to try. This will be skincare and other cosmetic products. What’s great is that you end up saving so much because beauty supplies tend to be very expensive.

Most of the products are full sized, so no tiny one time use samples. You can actually use the beauty products long enough to decide whether you like them. They’re mostly organic and contain no parabens.

Visit the official website here:


UrthBox Subcription Boxes

UrthBox is another recommendation.

They have many options to get started with, along with some great products.

I've never had issues with ordering, however it's clear that some customers did have issues with their subscription, so always read the fine print regarding billing and cancelling.

I personally had no issues.

The products range from juices and cleanses, to snack bars and super foods. This is definitely one of the best ways to learn about new great products in such a convenient way.

What’s great is that you know you’re getting some of the healthiest products sent to your door each month. You simply select a box size that meets your needs, choose from their different options (classic, gluten free, vegan) and then choose a subcritption.

You can get 1 to 6 month subscriptions.

UrthBox also offers some great deals on purchasing more products, as well as a loyalty points program.

Visit the official website here:


Healthy Surprises

Healthy Surprises Subscription Boxes

The subscription boxes from Healthy Surprise are super healthy.

They make it a huge priority to offer the highest quality products. They are all natural, gluten free, wheat free, soy free, corn free, and GMO free.

They have gift sets you can send your friends or family, as well as a personal care box, and snack and food boxes.

You will get a range of products such as bars, drinks, kale, fruit, nuts and more.

The prices of these boxes tend to be a bit higher when compared to the other choices above, however that’s mainly because of some of the strict ingredient requirements, and the larger box sizes. 15 items is the smallest size, when compared to 7 - 10 item sizes in the 2 subscriptions outlined above.

They also offer a paleo box subscription which will contain some high quality animal protein.

Read the full review here.


The Vegan Box - Australia

The Vegan Box LogoIf you live in Australia, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay crazy shipping prices from the companies above.

The Vegan Box is an Australian based subscription company which is awesome.

There stuff is 100% vegan, and they offer The Vegan Box, which is full of snacks and healthy foods, and they also have The Beauty Box, which has great organic and cruelty free skincare products.

Both can be delivered to your door each month, or each 2nd month.


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    Healthy Surprise
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